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Addressing Codeplex issues
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NETMF at \\Build
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NETMF 4.4 Beta out on GitHub

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Portal Screens...

Sensor gateways capture information from dispersed locations and send it over a cellular network. After the data is captured then the portal provides notifications of any exceptions from the normal operating state. When an exception occurs analytical plots offer the service personnel a look back in time to help determine the cause of the exception.

Dashboard Data Plots

Portal Dashboard

Shows the following on a user uploadable image of the site

  • Current Sensor Values
  • Sensor Status
  • Exception Information
  • Log Messages

Portal Data Plots

Offer the user a look back in time and

  • Plot of todays sensor values
  • Also the last two days
  • Trend plots of daily summaries
  • Optional download of data

Do you need information from dispersed locations, or monitoring conditions in hard to watch locations? Do you want to retrieve this information in a main office, third party’s office or on a service personnel’s phone? Contact Retro-Mation today and let us show you how easily this can be done, using cellular-based solutions.

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