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Sensor Gateway...

Retro-Mation’s SensorGateway captures sensor information from your facility and acts as an internet gateway for transporting that information to a web-based portal. SensorGateway can capture this information, no matter what form it is in - from existing controllers and systems to support of new wired or wireless sensors.

Data Capture Solutions

Data Jack

Regardless of how the data is transmitted, such as via wireless zigbee from wifi sensors or via serial ports (RS232, RS485), Retro-Mation is capable of capturing this information in a manner unique to your operation. Our system can interface to smart digital and analog I/O devices from a wide range of manufacturers and can be programmed to deal with any protocol.

DaqNode for OEMs

DaqNode is an I/O server which combines device drivers, configuration GUI’s, and polling functions into one program allowing for a unified management of the devices under its control. DaqNode offers the OEM a tool, with both demonstration capabilities and support, for end-user applications.

Download a DaqNode overview

Do you need information from dispersed locations, or monitoring conditions in hard to watch locations? Do you want to retrieve this information in a main office, third party’s office or on a service personnel’s phone? Contact Retro-Mation today and let us show you how easily this can be done, using cellular-based solutions.

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